Marcus Veltri
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Hello, and welcome to Marcus Veltri's official website! This site was created to allow people to view and purchase sheet music from Marcus's original compositions. Sheet music gives people the capability of learning their favorite music in the most efficient way possible. Click here to visit the sheet music page!

Not only will you find sheet music to Marcus's solo piano compositions, but you will also be able to find sheet music to his original music that contains beatboxing, like Thoughts and Prosperity. The sheet music to Marcus's piano beatboxing compositions will include not only the music to the piano part, but also the rhythmic notation for his beatboxing. In addition to this, you can also download my free Beatboxing Notation Guide to help you understand how to read the beatbox notation! The Beatboxing Notation Guide paired with the sheet music allows musicians to learn how to play piano and beatbox simultaneously in the most effective way possible, because you will be able to see exactly where the piano and beatboxing line up in the music.

Be sure to visit the sheets tab to view all of the sheet music currently available! And also be sure to visit the contact tab if you need to contact Marcus directly. Thanks for visiting!

Featured Sheet Music

Here are three of Marcus's many original compositions that have been transcribed for sheet music. If you would like to see the entire collection of Marcus's sheet music available for sale, be sure to navigate over to the sheets tab.

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To celebrate the Area 51 raid, Marcus decided to compose a brand new composition to play in front of the gates at Area 51. This is probably one of his most intense and challenging pieces he’s written. This was also probably one of the most dangerous videos he has ever filmed.


"For Her"

"For Her" is a piece Marcus composed in late 2013 when he was still a freshman in college. This is one of the first pieces he wrote for solo piano! "For Her" only has 4 chords throughout the entire piece, but it also features a two against three polyrhythm that occurs between the left and right hand.



"Sorrow" is a solo piano composition written by Marcus Veltri at the end of 2017. This is one of Marcus's most recent original composition, and this is also the first time Marcus shot a professional music video for his original work. Despite its simplicity, it took Marcus two to three months to compose.